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Brand: Lacor Model: 69761
Blender profesional de mână pentru preparare sosuri, piureuri, supe creme sau diferite creme de cofetărie.Mixer vertical cu braț detașabil din inox.Alimentare: 220 V.Putere: 350 W.Viteză: 16000 rpm.Lungime braț mixare: 20 cm.Greutate: 2.95 kg.Acest mixer poate fi folosit în recipiente de până la 15 ..
1,059.10 Lei 1,217.97 Lei
Ex Tax:890.00 Lei
Brand: Lacor Model: 69762
Professional hand blender for preparing sauces, purees, cream soups or various confectionery creams for heavy use in kitchens in restaurants, canteens or catering.Vertical mixer with removable stainless steel arm.Power supply: 220 V.Power: 350 W.Speed: 16000 rpm.Mixing arm length: 25 cm.Weight: 3 kg..
1,106.70 Lei 1,271.34 Lei
Ex Tax:930.00 Lei
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